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A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
far away….

KATEEDER was created by enthusiasts of the digital realm. Since the beginning of Bulletin Board Systems, Telnet chatrooms and first tries in Basic programming language we have been mesmerized in what the digital world has to offer.

When the “real” Internet became available and noisy dial-up modems were slowly turning into broadband cables, we started producing content and designs for different types of clients. What started as a hobby, soon became a paid passion.

In KATEEDER we provide everything from digital to print. If you need someone to manage your web development, consultation about the digital / online marketing possibilities, we are happy to share our knowledge and skills.

You are more than welcome to browse our lil’ website for more information: more information about the Services; selection of the visual Work; and of course don’t forget to check our Blog for interesting pointers.

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